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Posted by Ulicus on 2010/02/10
Character Name: Barack Shepard Based on: Barack Obama
Gender: M
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Commander-in-Chief Shepard. Code name: \"Renegade\". Pictures taken from 360 version. Added extra two by request. Shots range from good-bad. Video of face by Crashnburn here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSokGHjChCs
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Comment by Zerican32
8 Mar 2014 04:52 AM
Now this is funny lol. No worries not here to do the obama lame debate thing that is all the rage online it seems. Just wanted to let you know i really laughed out loud when I ran into the picture of this. thanks.
Comment by hackett out
1 Oct 2013 06:36 PM
if you don't like it don't use the code and move on. i will rather have him then bush...
Comment by Viusing
20 Jan 2013 05:50 AM
Four more years of personal agendas ruining the country! Woohoo...
Comment by AhYes"Reapers&q
5 Dec 2012 03:10 AM
Obama: We must stop the Republicans!
Comment by Agoonga
5 Jul 2012 01:32 AM
He'll cure the Genophage with Obamacare. 4 more years!
Comment by Thbgchz
23 Apr 2012 02:18 PM
Why would you make your character look like Obama? He can't even save our economy how could he save the galaxy from reapers?
Comment by fugazi
19 Mar 2012 11:21 PM
Funniest shiz i've seen on the net all week. +1
Comment by Guetta
21 Jul 2011 02:17 PM
Can someone make "David Guetta" Shepard? Please.
Comment by Alteris
28 Jun 2011 12:20 AM
OMG that's and insane look alike seriously! Great Job! I hope you add more here xD
Comment by englishman
29 May 2011 02:37 AM
really my american cousins how bad can obama be, so knock the right wing bollocks off and think yourselves lucky you dont have a posh twat ruling you.