After years of waiting it is finally time to reveal what I've been working on since January 2012!
The new site is the next generation in showcasing your characters to users around the world.
Input, view, and rate characters, guides, live chat and many NEW features.
This site is founded on user desire to express, create, and enjoy.
And start submitting characters right away!
Get your inner geek on and
show off your style!

To you my faithful fans, you are the first ones
to get a peak at the new site as I launch the Beta!
Why a beta? Because the site is far from finished but I felt I kept you all waiting for long enough!

So without further ado...
Click on this link to get your beta key and start submitting new creations today! I am starting off with 1000 keys so feel free to tell your friends! And please join the facebook page for all the latest news and features here!!